#DiFotoDraftBeer, Free Photo for Small and Medium Culinary Business

June 8, 2020

These days, every one of us is facing challenging times as the pandemic crush down economy in many places in the world. As an Indonesian brand with the spirit of cooperation growing inside us, we were inspired by the kindness of many people who support their surroundings during hard times. Therefore, we aspired to give back to society by conducting free photo services for small and medium culinary businesses. We are naming this activity #DifotoDraftBeer with high hopes that this simple act could be meaningful to help the business to rebound.

How to participate:

  • Fill in the form at https://bit.ly/DifotoDraftBeer.
  • Draft Beer will select one business each week to help with the photoshoot.
  • We are prioritizing business who have no professional images of their products.
  • The business owner will receive 2 (two) usable professional images and a pack of Draft Beer 5.

Terms & Conditions :

  1. The participant has to complete the form of submission.
  2. The Business Instagram account should not be locked private.
  3. Draft Beer will select 1 (one) participant from the submission each week. Draft Beer will contact the participant 3 (three) days prior to the photoshoot.
  4. The Participant’s Selection is final and can not be contested. The Selected Participant will be contacted via WhatsApp and must then respond within 1 day (24 Hours).
  5. Draft Beer will arrange product pickup and photoshoot. The participant will receive 2 (two) usable professional images of their products.
  6. The product sent for the photo shoot can not be returned.
  7. Selected participants expected to include raw ingredients as the property of the photoshoot.
  8. Draft Beer and Bali Hai Brewery Indonesia will not be liable for any inability of any person to enter the submission because of any unavailability of such page, failures in computer systems or networks, other malfunctions, or for any other reason.
  9. Participants agree that by submitting their personal details may be stored and otherwise processed by Draft Beer and Bali Hai Brewery Indonesia for the purposes of administering the activity.
  10. If you have a comment about the event terms and conditions, please contact Bali Hai Brewery Indonesia at marketing@balihaibeer.com.
  11. Draft Beer and Bali Hai Brewery Indonesia may refuse to provide the free photoshoot in the event that an entrant fails to satisfy the eligibility requirements under these terms or has committed or is alleged to have committed any act of fraud or dishonesty, or is in breach of any of these terms.