Oktoberfest: A Guide and How to Celebrate at Home

September 21, 2021

What Happens at Oktoberfest and Why It’s Considered a Historical Event

Oktoberfest celebration is a yearly event that takes place in Munich. It is the world’s largest fair and it is also one of the most famous events in Germany. It began as a wedding celebration and then turned into a festival.

It all started on October 12, 1810, when Crown Prince Ludwig of Bavaria married Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen. They had requested some sort of horse race to be held for them but since there was nothing like that available at the time, they ended up having an agricultural festival instead – with beer and food. This would be what we now know as Oktoberfest.

The Highlights of Oktoberfest Celebration

During the Oktoberfest Celebration event, there are many activities going on such as drinking beer, eating grilled food at tents, dancing to music at the Biergarten, and watching horse races. Many people from all over attend Oktoberfest due to its fun atmosphere and great food.

The Oktoberfest celebrations outside of Germany are often smaller. However, each country does their best to provide a similar experience for their attendees. For example, in Indonesia, you can enjoy a traditional German meal and drink beer from the local outlets. Bali Hai Brewery Indonesia also supports the festivity by launching their Oktoberfest Limited Edition Package.

The Original Foods of Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest is a traditional German festival that features a lot of beer drinking, food, and music. The original foods of Oktoberfest include the regional varieties of foods being served.

Pretzels: These are a regional specialty that comes from Bavaria, the region where the festival originated from.

Weisswurst: This is a white sausage made from veal, pork, and beef with parsley, onion, and thyme. It’s traditionally eaten before noon so it will not spoil your appetite for lunch or dinner later in the day.

Leberkäse: Leberkäse is made from ground pork or beef mixed with bacon rinds, onions, and spices. It’s often topped with sliced boiled eggs and brown mustard sauce on rye bread.

Celebrating Oktoberfest at home

To celebrate Oktoberfest at home is possible with just a couple of things.

#1 Find a beer that matches the style of the Oktoberfest celebration event you are looking for. If you are looking for an authentic German-style celebration, use a Märzen or Festbier. If you are in Indonesia, try this Bali Hai Brewery Indonesia’s Oktoberfest Limited Edition Package.

#2 Consider how many people will be attending your party. Typically, this number is around three per liter, so you’ll need about five liters of beer to serve eight guests.

#3 Decide what kind of food you want to serve now that your guests are full from drinking all that beer!