What’s the Perfect Beer to Serve at a Wedding Reception?

February 12, 2020

Your wedding is a day for celebration where drinks are flowing and the glasses are clinking together in your honor.

However, times have changed. Decades ago it would’ve been fine to simply buy a case or two of beer and a few bottles of wine and say you’re done.

You deserve better. With options like premium Munich lager just waiting to be delivered, you can make sure your wedding’s drinks are exactly what you deserve on your special day.

The Key to Picking the Perfect Party or Wedding Drink Menu

Your wedding will be full of people you’ve met throughout your life there to celebrate you and your partner.

With a diverse crowd showing up to help you celebrate your union, you should make sure your drink menu matches the audience. You’ll be looking for two things – variety and moderation.

As far as variety, you’ll want a few different options on your drink menu. Depending on how many people are attending and how beer-heavy you want to go, you may want to have several different beer options.

You don’t just want a few different popular brands on the menu for the sake of it. It’s wise to invest in options that cover a dynamic taste range – from rich with a punch to smooth with a hint of fruit flavor, there are plenty of ways you can go.

Why Premium Munich Lager Is a Drink-Menu Must

There’s likely no better choice for a party or wedding beer than Bali Hai Premium. This drink became Indonesia’s favorite thanks to a brew with two-row European malts. The result is a fresh, crisp taste complete with fruity and floral hints to tickle almost anyone’s taste buds.

Whether it’s someone who appreciates the punch of a strong drink that was crafted with care, or someone who favors a little zesty aftertaste in their alcoholic beverages, this option will hit the spot.

Clocking in at 4.90% ABV (alcohol by volume), it also checks the box for moderation in terms of taste. It’s not too light that a beer fanatic would pass, but it’s not so rich in alcohol content that it will overpower the other tastes on your guests’ plates or in their glasses.

How to Serve Drinks at Your Wedding

You likely outsource music, decorations, and even invitation sending for your wedding – why not serving?

As a general rule, plan to serve one drink per guest per hour. When you want to make sure the process goes smoothly, consider calling in the professionals.

When you’re looking for delicious drinks and help to serve them, choose Bali Hai Premium. We provide everything you need from a serving table with barrels, taps, and cups, to a serving crew and transportation for all of the above. Get the perfect drink option and serving setup to make your special day complete.