Bali Hai Brewery Indonesia Provides Great Support at International Golf Events

August 8, 2023

Bali Hai Brewery is proud to provide complete support for one of the biggest golf events in Indonesia, “Mandiri Golf Indonesia Open 2023” from 3 to 6 August 2023 at Pondok Indah Golf Course and has succeeded in recording a new history in an Indonesian golf tournament.

Participants from all over the world compete with high spirits to win the title. Nitithorn Thippong from Thailand won the title in this tournament, beating three other golfers, Scott Hend (Australia), Steve Lewton (England), and Lee Chieh-po (Taiwan). Thippong recorded 270 shots in 72 par under 18 to become the new champion in the 2023 Indonesia Open golf tournament.

The Indonesian golfer Gabriel Hansel Hari also succeeded in impressing everyone with his extraordinary abilities. He won the Amateur Champion and proved that Indonesian golfers have a very bright potential for the future. Hansel’s results were the best compared to the four Indonesian professional golfers who passed the cut-off, Jonathan Wijono, Kevin Caesario Akbar, Nasin Surachman, and Elki Kow.

Bali Hai Brewery Indonesia again participated as the Official Beer Partner at this event with Bali Hai Premium products, more than 3600 cans and 600 glasses were served during this event. As a product that has won the World Beer Awards, Bali Hai Premium has also participated in several other international golf tournament events and collaborated with golf communities in Indonesia.

This event is not only about golf but also about the spirit of competition, dedication, and unity in the world of sport. Bali Hai Brewery Indonesia will continue to support the development of the Indonesian golf world as well as various other prestigious sporting events. We look forward to the presence of new champions and other extraordinary wishes in the future.